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Design Thinking Deck

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    This deck of cards includes a powerful set of nudges for tackling problems and challenges, big and small. Whether you’re working on improving the waiting room experience at a hospital, you’re a facilitator driven to meet the needs of your clients more effectively, or you work for a company and you’d like to create a better customer experience, the prompts and nudges on these cards can help you get to better.

    How do I use it?

    Each card in this deck will prompt you to look at the problem you’re facing through different lenses, and provide you with strategies to generate agile, low-investment solutions that you can then test in simple, meaningful ways. We’ve labelled each card in the deck, loosely based on stages in the design cycle:

    Define: These cards help you clarify what you think the problem is.

    Research: You’ve defined the basics of the problem. These cards will help you scan the whole problem space and look at what kinds of solutions already exist.

    Ideate: Think you have a good grasp on what the problem is? Great, let’s start thinking about potential solutions with the Ideate cards. The more the better.

    Combine Ideas: Use these cards to make the most of the ideas you’ve got and the solutions that already exist. Sometimes, ideas are better together.

    Decide: You’ve got ideas. You’ve got so many ideas. Now it’s time to converge. These cards are for decision time.

    Prototype: You’re excited about the idea you’ve selected. Make something you can show to people. Try different ways of sharing your excitement with these cards!

    Test: Find out if your solution works. Does it do what you expected? Use these cards to help you get real, useful feedback before you invest too much in piloting the solution.

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