Overlap works with people and organizations that want to make things better. We use tools of design to understand problems, draw out insights, generate ideas, and arrive at practical, actionable solutions.

Building Innovative Ideas

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In this course, you’ll deepen your understanding of how to come to better solutions through structured collaboration and then build out those solutions in a tangible way.

You’ve completed some human-centred research, but you can’t do research forever. It puts off doing something. In ideation—an uncommon word meaning idea generation—you work on what you’re going to do about the needs you’ve discovered, and how you can solve real problems for real people. If you don’t do a good job on ideation, you lessen your ability to come up with a great solution. 

Coming up with an idea is very different from building an idea. A Prototype is a way of embodying decisions so you can talk about them and make them better. More effective than simply piloting an idea, prototyping identifies what works and what doesn’t about your idea before you waste implementation dollars going down the wrong path.

In this course, you’ll dive deep into the Ideate and Prototype phases of the human-centred design cycle.

What's Included:

  • 6 hrs of live online teaching from expert design coaches
  • Practical exercises to practice skills
  • An introduction to Miro, a digital whiteboard & design tool
  • Downloadable Process Card deck of design exercises to help design workshops and plan your work (for use in Miro)
  • Downloadable Idea Brief template

Two Modules

1. Principle of ideation and prototyping

Learn about best practices in ideation. Generating ideas is a learnable, practicable skill that everyone can get good at. You’ll also discover the ways that designers build constantly, the decisions to consider in the process, prototyping principles, and tips along the way. 

2. Hands on with ideation and prototyping tools

A hands-on session where you will use a variety of modes such as sketching, storyboarding and building to make tangible representations of your ideas—to get them out of your head—in a way that allows you to maximize opportunities for useful feedback. 

One Assignment

Generating ideas can become quite easy—capturing them fully and setting yourself up for the next step of the design process takes a little more effort. In this assignment you'll be guided through an idea brief, which you will complete for three different ideas after generating dozens.

Join a Peer Learning Group

Joining a peer-led learning group will provide an opportunity to share your assignment and get feedback from others in the group.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to more confidently jump into the Ideate or Prototype stages of the design cycle with deeper knowledge of foundational strategies as well as concrete tools for success. You will be able to successfully fill out an Idea Brief and communicate important features of your idea internally.

You will learn:

  • The power of ideation: how strong ideation practices support the discovery of the best solutions for stakeholders
  • Practices to ensure you are making the most of many minds in ideation: how to ensure diverse perspectives are included 
  • Considerations when prototyping and inspiration for different modes that can be used: how prototyping is a critical vehicle for learning

How you'll learn

Live Online Instruction
The course is delivered virtually via Zoom with other learners from all over the world and led by Overlap instructors.

Throughout the modules there are opportunities to practice skills and apply concepts.

You’ll be able to join peers to share and discuss what you’re learning to gain greater understanding and deepen the impact.

Learning design is more than technical skills—it’s about the way your worldview is changing and your approach to problem solving. Multiple moments of reflection are designed into the course.

What happens when you buy a course?

After your purchase, you will be enrolled into the course and receive an email confirming your course date, time, and zoom link.

You will also be sent information to login to our learning site and community. Access to any downloads and course content will be found there.

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For teams smaller than 5 people, we'd recommend joining one of our open courses. Your team will join others learning the same material and will get the added benefit of connecting with individuals in other organizations.

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Dr. David H. Michels, Head of Public Services Law Library, Dalhousie University

The general consensus is all positive vibes as the kids would say. Both teams got a lot out of the session and highly engaged throughout. I think for my team in particular it served to validate a lot of the work they’ve been doing—turns out I wasn’t making this stuff up—but also allowed us all to stuff our stockings with some new tools and tricks.

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