About Overlap

We are designers, facilitators, strategists and creatives

Overlappers are a pretty optimistic crew. Our team of interdisciplinary practitioners span a variety of professional backgrounds—it's part of the magic and helps us see solutions and make connections. As a design company. We believe in the transformative power of design-led organizations and their ability to create new solutions, incredible customer experiences, and a better world.


We’re a Women-Owned design firm that believes in the power of creativity, empathy and technology to unleash the potential in all of us to make the world better. Our CEO Lisa Grogan is an inspiring leader that speaks about co-gendered leadership, women in business, taking big risks and philanthropreneurship.

Women Owned

Overlap Associates is certified as a Women-Owned business by WEConnect International. This Certification serves as a seal that assures large companies and potential buyers obtaining goods or services that a company meets the universal standards to be certified as a Women-Owned enterprise.

WEConnect International helps Women-Owned businesses succeed in global value chains. It identifies, educates and certifies women’s business enterprises that are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by one or more women, and then connects them with qualified member buyers.

WEConnect International members represent over U.S. $1 trillion in annual purchasing power and a commitment to supplier development and inclusive sourcing. The result is a network of corporate buyers working with women business owners based in over 120 countries that are learning, collaborating and winning new business.

Overlap is also a Proud Member of the Scotiabank Women’s Initiative, Women’s President’s Organization and a Founding member of Unicef Canada’s 25th Team.